Our idea

Our idea

from seed to table

The beautiful truth is that the world we live in gradually drifts away from or the mass produced culture. Nothing is mass produced here. As a part of the international Slow Food network we cook and prepare Bulgarian and world dishes with finesse and flair. And to distinguish every devilish deliciousness from the classic restaurant approach we have embarked on a special journey. Every product, every grain of salt is produced locally. We are meticulous and precise on how we choose our products, some we produce ourselves. There goes the BAGRI signature quality served in a manner delicate and friendly, always committed to the satisfaction of the customer. You are always welcome in BAGRI, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Bagri philosophy

The idea behind “Bagri” was born out of the necessity and lack of quality food, raised by local farmers in the right season of the year. We take selecting and choosing our products to the next level by personally contacting famers around Bulgaria who have special attitude towards growing food. Our mission is to show you its route “from seed to plate”. In our family restaurant you can enjoy the real taste of real food, partially produced on our own land near “Persina” nature park. During your stay at “Bagri” you will enjoy high quality products – natural cheeses and meats only from pastured animals and ecologically produced fruits and vegetables. We keep ourselves as close as possible to sustainable practices, such as, shortening the food routes, minimizing food waste rolex replica watches and stimulating local food producers. It is a great pleasure for us to make you a part of our journey and to invite you to try the author’s recipes of our chefs.

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