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The beautiful truth is that the world we live in gradually drifts away from or the mass produced culture. Nothing is mass produced here. As a part of the international Slow Food network we cook and prepare Bulgarian and world dishes with finesse and flair. And to distinguish every devilish deliciousness from the classic restaurant approach we have embarked on a special journey.

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Food & products


The menu of “BAGRI” is better than diverse. It is a mirror image of the fruits of nature. It is constantly changed, according to the season, usually every month and a half. We pay special attention to the quality of the food, served with care and attention to detail, in addition to your culinary experience. For us, products are the building blocks of a dish. They’re naturally grown from small, family farms. For that reason we work only with eco and organic farms from all over the country. We rely heavily on our partners, like “SEMKA”, with whom we share our vision of sustainable development in agriculture. In our opinion, the qualities of seasonal produce make the food not only tasty, but also healthy. In “BAGRI” you’ll find brown rice from the Trakia region, small chickpeas, very old variety from Ivaylovgrad, and authentic bean strains like “popski”, “dobrudzhanski”, “smilianski” and goat beans. In “BAGRI” we’re dedicated to preserving autochtonal animal breeds, ancient plant strains, adding unique culinary look and contributing to their growth.

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