Food & Products

Food & Products

The products in our dishes

Our menu


The menu of “BAGRI” is better than diverse. It is a mirror image of the fruits of nature. It is constantly changed, according to the season, usually every month and a half. We pay special attention to the quality of the food, served with care and attention to detail, in addition to your culinary experience. For us, products are the building blocks of a dish. They’re naturally grown from small, family farms. For that reason we work only with eco and organic farms from all over the country. We rely heavily on our partners, like “SEMKA”, with whom we share our vision of sustainable development in agriculture. In our opinion, the qualities of seasonal produce make the food not only tasty, but also healthy. In “BAGRI” you’ll find brown rice from the Trakia region, small chickpeas, very old variety from Ivaylovgrad, and authentic bean strains like “popski”, “dobrudzhanski”, “smilianski” and goat beans. In “BAGRI” we’re dedicated to preserving autochtonal animal breeds, ancient plant strains, adding unique culinary look and contributing to their growth.

Milk products and eggs


We supply ourselves with dairy and eggs from small dairy farms, and as consumers we consider the natural needs I cycles of the animals that are being bred. The most delicious goat milk you can taste during summer and autumn, when the animals are being fed with fresh vegetation, but during the winter season we can enjoy aged sheep milk cheese. In “BAGRI” you can taste forgotten specialties like “krokmatch”, chees from the milk of a special breed of sheep called “Karakatchanska”, kefalotiri brunza and many many more!

Meat and meat products


Our meat products are essential element of the principle of free-range stock-raising. Here you can experience the exotic taste of the East Balkan swine, and ancient breed, capable of walking over 40 kilometers per day, browsing for forest food like acorns, roots and mushrooms. In our family farm “Nikolovi Brothers” we grow sheep from the “Lacaune” breed, free-range in the “Natura 2000 terroir. The beef from the “Omaya” farm is of outstanding quality, and the chicken from “Mokrishte” will remind you of the untouched by industrialization taste of real poultry.



Our fish is grown in pure, mountain running water. We store mainly brook trout, and if the season allows it wild-caught river fish. That’s the only way can make sure that with your every bite you’re coming closer to the Bulgarian tradition of life in harmony with nature.



And that’s why our bread is sourdough only, without industrial yeast. We trust “Baker’s brothers”, who make extra special bread, grinding their own flours, relying on slow, natural fermentation, sometimes of up to 48 hours.



Speaking of bread, we’re obligated to introduce you to Bulgarian craft beers and traditions in producing authentic, boutique wine and spirits. We offer variety locally produced, fine selections of drinks – a worthy addition to the dining experience that is “BAGRI”.


Our principles


We tried to present to you the better part of the products that are shaping the dishes, you’re about to taste in the “BAGRI”. We strive to utilize products as close to their natural form as possible using fermentation, drying and preservation. For any further questions and inquiries you can always ask, rolex replica and we’ll try to be useful, whenever we can. Now, we invite you to not only read about, but to experience the first seasonal restaurant in Bulgaria, following the principles of good, clean and fair food.

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